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16 Ultimate Design Tips For Decorating Your Wedding Venue

Decorating Your Venue

Decorating your venue really allows you to put your own stamp on your wedding, especially if you are tying it in with a specific theme or colour scheme.

One of the first things you will probably do is choose your venue. This will form the basis of your theme and decoration, so if you already have a theme in mind think about how the theme will fit in with the venue before booking your wedding there.

The venue will play a big part in your theme. For example, if you're going for a rustic theme then you may choose a converted barn or outdoorsy venue, or if you’re going for something a little more quintessential and vintage, maybe a stately home.

Halls and hotels can also be great backdrops for your wedding theme and decor, as most would provide you with a blank canvas. With hotels, you may even be able to get your chair covers and sashes included, or at least get them to arrange them for you, so it’s one less thing to worry about, so check this with them first.

If you have a theme or colour in mind then this will really help to focus your thoughts, and be the basis of all decoration, including your flowers, if you’re going to have them.

In order to style your venue well, you should get to know it well. If you need to, go and take photographs of your venue so you can think about each little detail. It might also be worth asking for measurements of the venue because you might decide to add your own fairy lights for example, or you might want to add objects and ornaments into certain spaces.

There are lots of ways you can decorate your venue from the table decorations, to props, chair covers and much more, but you don’t have to go huge, and spend a truck load of cash.

With careful thought and planning, a few small touches that are combined together can really make a difference and you can get yourself some great bargains too!

This article will touch upon some of the ways you can decorate your venue, but it is by no means an exhaustive list. Let your imagination run wild and put your unique stamp on your big day.

Table decorations and centrepieces are probably one of the most obvious types of decoration, but they could well be one of the hardest to decide upon, as there is so much choice.

They are however a great way to put your own stamp on your venue, and make up a huge part of your décor. I don’t think you could ever be stuck for ideas for a centrepiece, but instead you could be stuck for which to choose.

Centrepieces can take form in a number of ways, so what could be included in your centrepieces and table decorations?

1/ Dried flowers and pot plants

Pot Plants

For a country theme you could use dried flowers, or for something a little more unique, you could use herbs in pots. These could double up as your table names, although you’ll have to make sure that you don’t use anything with too much of a fragrance as it could be irritating to your guests, or ruin the smell of the food.

You could also use potted plants as an alternative. They are something that you can then keep and nurture afterwards, or give away to guests.

2/ Vintage style jam jars

Mason Jars

If you’re going for a vintage theme, then why not arrange your flowers in different sized bottles, such as old style milk bottles and jam jars.

3/ Flowers

Flowers Centerpiece

These can be arranged in a number of different ways and heights to give different effects. Try and think about where the arrangements will be sat, and think about whether people will still be able to see and talk across the table. Short arrangements are good for this, or tall arrangements, that have a slim line vase or similar. The sky is the limit!

4/ Go artificial

Artificial Flowers

If you’d love flowers, but not sure you have the budget to stretch to your amount of tables, you might like to look into using artificial flowers or paper flowers as an alternative. There is now so much choice, and some companies specialise in artificial flower arrangements, especially for weddings.

5/ Candles and Tealights


Candles are a great feature for any table, even if they aren’t your main centrepiece. Candelabras or floating candles in fish bowls or tall vases can look both pretty and allow the romance of candle light.

Just check with your suppliers that you are able to light the candles before confirming these as your centrepiece, as in some cases the venue will not allow lit candles due to it being a fire hazard.

If you aren’t going to be using candles as part of your centrepiece, then why not add a few tea lights to the table to finish it off.

6/ Birdcages

vintage birdcage

Birdcages are becoming more popular than ever. Their versatility means that you can dress them up with flowers, candles, both, or whatever other clever ideas you can think of. Maybe you could also incorporate your table numbers into your bird cage display.

7/ Balloons

Wedding Balloons

Balloons can turn any room into a celebration room very quickly. With the endless supply of different colours, you’re sure to find something to match your colour scheme. Most party shops will provide balloon arrangement services, so check them out or why not give it ago yourself?

8/ Cakes

Cup Cakes

A bit of a funny one? Or maybe not! If you’re not concerned by having a wedding cake, or want to give cupcakes as a favour to your wedding guests, then why not consider making them into your centrepiece and killing two birds with one stone!

Cupcakes can be decorated beautifully, and presented on a nice stand, or in a cupcake bouquet (made to look like a bouquet of flowers). They really can look eye catching and will likely get the guests talking. A great icebreaker if your tables are mixed.

9/ Mirror plates/fish bowls

Mirror Centerpeice

As well as looking pretty, mirror plates can be useful to add more depth to centrepieces. You can use them with all types of centrepiece, and can be used to create simple, inexpensive centrepieces, such as a fishbowl, with a few flowers, or a candle in it.

10/ Items relating to your theme

Irish Figurine

As well as the traditional types of centrepiece you may find at a wedding there is scope to do much more with it.

If you have a certain theme, you could add items that relate to that theme. For example, if you have a jungle theme you could add a tiger figurine or similar.

11/ Sweet cart and sweet treats


If you’re going for an ‘Olde English’ theme and you like the idea of having a sweetie cart, why not save on costs and incorporate this into your centrepiece instead? You can choose the sweets based on colour to fit with your theme and display them in pretty jars.

12/ Favours


Whilst favours may not sound like they are a table decoration, they most definitely are. The packaging of your favour should fit in with your theme and can add more colour to the table. This can be done with an organza bag, decorated or coloured boxes, mini jars with co-ordinating lids and the more elaborate ideas, such as decorating cupcakes in your colours. 

13/ Name places, table numbers/names and menus

Decorating Your Venue Placenames

Name places, and table numbers or names should be found upon tables to indicate where your guests need to sit. This stationery can tie in with your previous stationery, such as invitations and order of service, or can simply be in white or ivory. Either way, they still add finishing touches to your table.

14/ Table confetti

Table Confetti

To give your tables a little more depth, you may choose to use table confetti. This now comes in many different forms, including table crystals, rose petals, foil or paper confetti and pearls.

You can also get your table confetti personalised. For example, you could choose to go for paper hearts with the names of the bride and groom and the date on it.

15/ Table trivia

Table Trivia

If you have guests on your tables who don’t know each other, or even if they do know each other, then table trivia could be a good way to break the ice.

You could have questions about the bride and groom, with the best table winning an extra bottle of wine or two for their table! We are sure that this will get the tables working together, having a giggle at the same time and socialising with new or friendly faces.

Alternatively, for something more unique, you could get your guests to draw a picture, write a message or provide words of wisdom for you to open. This is bound to get guests talking and will sure give you a giggle following the wedding.

16/ Table linen

Table Linen

Table linens, such as napkins, table cloths and table runners are quite often provided by your venue or caterer, but if they are not, why not tie the colours in with your colour theme?

If they are, you can still add your own touches to them. You could have a colour themed napkin ring, or tie a piece of ribbon in your colour scheme around the cutlery.

As well as the table decoration, there are many other things you can do to decorate your venue:

-        Balloons

-        Trees

-        Flowers

-        Bunting

-        Fairy Lights

-        Up lighting in your colour scheme

-        Table Planner in your theme

-        Message Boards

-        Props

-        Photographs of the bride and groom and perhaps your guests too

-        This list is by no means extensive but will hopefully give you some inspiration

When it comes to table decorations and centrepieces, the list really is endless. Think about your theme and what would fit in with it, and remember a simple centrepiece can look just as good as something more elaborate, especially if you tie it in well with your other table decorations.

Decorating your venue will probably be one of the most stressful parts of the process leading up to the wedding day, so start your organising as soon as you can. Create mood boards and either use a design document on the computer (if you're computer savvy) or take to pen and paper to create mock ideas of how you want to decorate your venue.

Take inspiration from suppliers galleries and Pinterest to broaden your creativity, and write down a list of the individual ways you wish to decorate your venue, and the quantity of decorations you will need.

Before purchasing your decorations, try your best to total the cost, so that you can check this in line with your budget. You may find you need to alter your quantities, or try to find cheaper alternatives as often the price can jump quickly if you are buying in bulk.

Once you are sure on your budget, and you are sure with everything on your list, make your purchase! Make sure that leading up to the wedding, you have everything organised into sections so that when it comes to decorating the venue, you can jump straight in as opposed to faffing and trying to come up with ideas on the spot.

Putting your stamp on your venue will help to make your wedding truly unique, and hopefully one for not just you to remember but for your guests to remember too.