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19 Tips To Get You Wedding Day Ready, Without The Professionals!

19 Tips To Get You Bridal Ready

These days, more and more brides are scrapping the professionals, and doing their hair and makeup themselves. By scrapping the professionals, you could easily be saving close to £1000, if not more, especially when you start to add up the price for consultations, and hair and makeup for you and your bridesmaids.

With endless hair and makeup tutorials, and social media accounts now showing you easy ways to achieve amazing bridal hair styles and bridal makeup looks, the number of brides learning a few skills and getting themselves glammed for their own wedding day is on the rise!

Our resident hair and makeup artist has given us a few tips and tricks for you to consider if you too are scrapping the professionals and going at it alone on your big day!


1/ Up, down, or both?

Consider to begin with whether you want your hair down, hair up, or a mixture of both. An easy way to decide is to think about what your bridesmaids will be having. A nice touch to differentiate the bridal hair from the bridesmaids, is to have opposites. If your bridesmaids' hair is down, then it will look aesthetically pretty for the bride's hair to be up (and vice versa). This generally is more traditional as well.

2/ Think logically

If you’re going at it alone, it will probably be wise to keep the bridesmaids' hair down, as there will be more bridesmaids to brides (unless of course you are only having one bridesmaid)! If you are all helping each other, then keep the bulk of the hairstyles to the simpler styles, such as down, wavy, with an easy braid, for example. You can then spend more time on the bride, with a more intricate up-do.

3/ Don’t put too much pressure on yourself

You can achieve the most beautiful hairstyles with such little effort, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself to become a hairstylist over night!

To achieve a really timeless style, wave the hair to begin with, tie it in a low ponytail and then slightly loosen the band away from your head.

Take the end of your ponytail, fold it upwards and tuck the ends into your hairband. Use some Kirby grips to pull in each side and secure the hair each side. Pull out some wavy strands of hair at the front and sides to add texture and finish with a beautiful floral headband, or pin at the top and voila! Your boho hair in minutes.

4/ Clean hair isn’t always best

I find that my hair lasts so much longer, if I wash my hair and style it the day before. By adding some texturizing spray or dry shampoo through the mid-lengths and ends, it gives the products time to settle into my hair.

The following day my hair is more malleable, but also is able to hold better. This is a great idea if you have fine hair or fine, long hair as if you wash your hair on the day, you may find your hair can look flat and does not last as long.

I find that second day hair always has more volume and longevity, which is just what you need on your wedding day!

5/ Be realistic

If you’re planning on dying your hair, try not to do it too close to you wedding day just in case you need time to correct a big mistake! Generally, a tone either side of your natural hair colour will look best, so try not to get too ambitious.

6/ Consider your dress

Look at the detailing of your dress, and the style at the top of your dress. Play around with a few different hairstyles and see how they fit with the style of your dress.

You may want your hair up, but have you considered a low hairstyle? For exampe, the style in tip 3, or maybe you prefer your hair to sit higher up as opposed to the nape of your neck.

7/ Be flexible

Be realistic when looking at images on social media. Often hair models will have very thick and long hair, which helps create that fuller, voluminous look. Search for your ideal styles, but also tailor your searches to your hair type.

You may find a style that you love, but be prepared to be flexible and realistic that your hair type could pose limitations for certain hairstyles.

8/ Consultations

Just because you’re doing your hair yourself, don’t neglect the consultations! Get the girls round for a pamper evening and practice your hair and makeup skills.

9/ Go prepared

Take a few extra pins in your handbag and a small can of texturising spray or hairspray for any of the loose ends that may fall out during the day.


10/ Subtle, smoky or themed?

Think about how you want your makeup, and your bridesmaids' makeup to look.

Do you want it more subtle? Do you like a smoky eye? Do you prefer a 50's style liner and red lip?

Discuss with your bridesmaids your vision before the day so that you can be organised on the morning of the wedding with your products lined up, and mini hair and makeup stations!

11/ Not all products will work for everyone

Remember that the bride and the bridesmaids need to consider their skin types. Be aware that one product will not work for every one of you, so it is important to make sure the products you are using are suited to your skin types.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on makeup, especially with drugstore brands really stepping up their quality game due to the competitive market. You'll also find drugstore shops putting on more and more offers to help you save money when you bulk buy!

You are naturally saving a huge amount of money by doing this yourself, so maybe keep aside a little budget for purchasing some new makeup for yourself.

12/ Consultations

Get your girls together for a night of pampering.

In this particular case, ‘practice makes perfect’ so get together a few times and practice your makeup skills. At least then on the day you can all be confident with the makeup you are wearing, and how to apply it so that it lasts! Maybe save the prosecco until after the makeup has been applied this time.

13/ Pack a make-up bag

Pack a makeup bag to take with you, or ask your maid of honour or one of your bridesmaids to be in charge of a few essentials for you, so you can apply touch ups throughout the day.

14/ You want a make-over, not a fake-over

When it comes to makeup, you should perhaps apply more than normal to make it last, but don’t go overboard. You want to enhance your looks, not turn up as someone your husband-to-be doesn’t recognise.

15/ SPF = Ghost face

Don’t forget that photographs can often give you a 2D appearance.

Use warm tones, and play with contour and highlight products to give your face more dimension, so that you appear as a real human within your photographs.

Also, try not to use any products with SPF in, as when photographs are taken, this will cause your skin to have a flash of white over it. A good idea is to use products, especially foundations with a ‘photo ready’ finish or ‘HD’ finish.

16/ Don’t forget your waterproof mascara

If you’re wearing mascara you should make sure that it’s waterproof mascara. Even if you’re not one for getting emotional, it’s your wedding day, who knows what may happen!

17/ Hydrate in advance and DON’T try any new products within 4 weeks of the big day

In the lead up to your wedding, you should try to drink lots of water, and moisturise and exfoliate where necessary.

This will get your skin in the best possible shape for your big day. Howver, don't start using new products close to your wedding, as a skin reaction wouldn’t look so great. This applies to makeup too, so if you’re buying new products, practice well in advance and try a small area first.

18/ Don’t neglect the beauty counters

Most beauty counters will be able to help give you advice on products and how to apply them. Gain as much advice as you can before the big day so that you can be confident in the products you have bought and how best to apply them.

19/ Relax and take it easy

You don’t need to wear lots of makeup and you don’t need to have the most fancy hairstyle.

Sometimes simplicity is key and can actually be the best way to naturally enhance your beautiful self. Your future husband probably won’t be as concerned about your hair and makeup as you will be, so just remember to relax, take it easy and enjoy the process!

Give yourself and your bridesmaids plenty of time in the morning to get yourselves ready and leave time for any touch ups before you leave.