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5 Tips For Dressing The Groom & His Groomsmen

Dressing The Groom And His Groomsmen

For the groom, picking the outfit is probably the one element within the wedding planning process that they can look forward to, and have complete control over.

If the groom is happy for his ‘soon-to-be-bride’ to come along, or see the suit, then it might be a nice idea to go as a couple to begin with. This is so that you can properly have a look at the style of suit you want without the interjections of your groomsmen or ushers, especially if there are a few of them.

1/ Consider the colour scheme

Before committing to a suit, it might be a good idea to sit down as a couple to go over the colour schemes and what sort of outfit colours would go nicely with it.

2/ Grooms can dress for their body shape too

Whether you’re buying, renting or having your suits made to measure, any good stockist or tailor will be able to help you with finding the most flattering shape for you, from a tailored suit, to top hat and tails, to waistcoat style too.

Tips on picking your suits

Check the sleeves!

The sleeves should come down to wrist height, allowing for a couple of centimetres of shirt to be visible beneath it. The main body of the suit jacket should come down no further than your knuckles.

Don’t forget the shoulders

The shoulder seam should come just to the edge of your shoulder. If they stick out further than this, then the jacket is too wide across the shoulders and can make your shoulders look wider than they actually are.

If the seam doesn’t reach the end of your shoulder, you’ll find that the jacket may be too tight, especially when lifting your arms.

Popping buttons are not a good sign…

You should be able to do the jacket up without it looking as though it’s pulling at the buttons. You should be able to fit your fist in between your chest and the jacket, with the buttons done up. If you cannot then the suit is probably too tight. If you can and there is still room to spare then try on the next size down to see if this is a better suit for you.

3/ Consider matching your bridesmaids and groomsmen/ushers

As a couple, you should discuss both the bridesmaids and the groomsmen/ushers outfits. You may decide that you wish for the bridesmaids, groomsmen and ushers to have one specific colour that ties them together. If your bridesmaids are wearing blush for example, why not consider the grooms party to include blush in their outfits - whether it is in the tie, or cravat!

4/ The groom should stand out, just like the bride!

You may also want to slightly differentiate the groom from his groomsmen and ushers. If you are looking at wearing the same suit, you could have a slightly different waistcoat for the groom.

5/ Don’t stop at the first shop!

Like with bridal gown shopping, this can be one of the most fun experiences for the groom within the wedding process, so why not make the most of it. Gather up your groomsmen and make a day or even a few different days out of it.

Head into a few different shops, and look at the different styles and colours. You never know, there may be a secret fashionista within your group who has a real eye for style, so listen to their opinions because you may find that your perfect suit is one you hadn’t even considered!