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6 Reasons Why You Should Have Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance

According to Money Saving Expert, you could be looking at a minimum of a whopping £25,000 spend on your wedding day. Realistically, every couple should be protecting their pennies, as for the average person, £25,000 is a huge amount of money that we can only assume you wouldn’t want to lose.

We all dream that our wedding planning process will be smooth, stress free and that we will not be met with complications or dilemmas along the way. But with weddings quite often booked well in advance, this leaves a lot of time for something to go wrong. 

Want to prevent those ‘out of your hands’ complications that you could be met with along the way? Below are 6 reasons why you should be investing in wedding insurance.

1/ Suppliers can go into liquidation, or be made bankrupt at any time!

All the time and money you have invested into your wedding could be lost and you could have the additional stress of finding a last minute supplier, and finding the money to pay for them.

2/ Illnesses and injuries can happen to anyone, at any time (postponement)

If you or your partner fall ill, or become seriously injured, it may result in you having to postpone your wedding. Unfortunately, this will usually result in fees being lost. Not to mention having to re-book or re-schedule, which can also cost you an additional fee.

3/ Credit and Debit card payments

If you are paying suppliers via credit card, and the payment is for example, over £100 and under £30,000, then you should have some level of protection anyway. The credit card company is jointly liable for the payment and under Section 75 of The Consumer Credit Act, they need to repay it back to you if there is a problem that breaches your contract with the supplier, such as failure to deliver.

If you’re paying for something that’s under £100, a chargeback is also a possibility if you are paying by debit card, or Visa and MasterCard credit cards. With a chargeback, you would get into contact with your card issuer and they would try to claim the money back from the company – but there is no legal obligation for them to do this, so there are no guarantees.

4/ Damages

Most insurance policies will cover for loss or damage to items such as the rings, the cake and the flowers, as well as wedding attire and more importantly ‘The Dress!’ The cover will normally help to cover the cost of replacing them if needed.

If any of your suppliers go out of business before your wedding day, then you would be covered for this under Section 75 of The Consumer Credit Act, providing you paid via credit card and the amount paid was between £100 and £30,000. However, you will not be covered if you paid by debit card and the amount is more than £100. Wedding insurance would cover you for this.

5/ Gifts

On your wedding day, your guests will inevitably bring you gifts, which could add up to some value. With wedding insurance normally covering the wedding day and 24 hours afterwards , gifts could also be covered.

6/ Legal Expenses and Personal Accident cover

Say for example, in your consultation with your cake decorator you specifically requested that a number of guests suffer with severe nut allergies, and so the cake cannot come into contact with nuts at any point.

On the day of your wedding, a guest has an allergic reaction due to there being a trace of nuts in the cake. The cake decorator is disputing that the cake was made in a nut free environment, and away from any traces of nuts as per your consultation. You may need to seek legal advice depending on the severity of the situation, and your wedding insurance can cover you in this instance.

There are many different types of insurance policies that cover different items and amounts depending on your budget. Ultimately, it’s your decision as to whether you go ahead with wedding insurance or not but we would definitely recommend taking a look at it - it’s probably not as expensive as you think!

To give you a head start, we have rounded up some of the biggest suppliers of wedding insurance, in no particular order. These are: E&L Insurance, Debenhams, John Lewis, My Wedding Insurance, Wedding Plan and Cover my Wedding.