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7 Tips To Ensure You Get A Make-Over Not A Fake-Over

7 tips to avoid a fakeover

For the bride, this topic can either be an exciting one, or a daunting one. When you consider your hair and makeup for your wedding day, most commonly brides will opt for a professional to come in and get you glammed.

Other brides, however, may shudder at the thought of trusting another person to take control of the way they look, especially on one of the most special days of their life.

Firstly, you need to make the decision as to whether you are going to attempt to do your own hair and makeup, or hire a professional. 

There is usually a friend or even someone within the bridal party who is either a makeup artist, hair stylist or just really good with hair and makeup and is happy to help you out. Consider your options first and then you can get prepping for the big day!

This article will give you a few tips on your wedding makeover, if you decide to hire a glam squad.

1/ Do your research and ask for recommendations

Often there can be friends of friends who are professional makeup artists and freelance part-time. This is usually a great option to keep the costs down.

If you find, or you are recommended, a hair stylist and makeup artist, they often have social media accounts where you can see the work they have done. You will be able to make a decision before sending an enquiry as to whether you are interested or not.

Tip: Just remember that makeup images can often be altered with filters to enhance the looks, so just ensure you use your initiative when looking at social media images.

Tip: Don’t forget that although a social media page may show images of client's makeup that is not your particular style, makeup artists are artists and are able to adapt your look to exactly what you are looking for.

2/ Don’t be afraid to ask for another consultation

After you have narrowed down a few options for your hair and makeup artist, get booked in for a consultation. The sooner the better we say.

You may not have any ideas as to what makeup look would be best suited to you, or what style you want to go for on your wedding day, but this is what consultations are all about.

Your hair and makeup artist will often have a discussion with you about your likes and dislikes, and will know the best products to use for weddings in particular.

3/ Budget for at least two consultations

It is good to budget for a minimum of two consultations, one for ‘playing’ and another to ‘confirm.’

You may wish to book in 3 different consultations, the first one to see your ideas put into place, and the second to give the hair and makeup artist an opportunity to come up with their own masterpiece. Your third, again, to make a decision and secure which look and products you will go for.

4/ Take your time

You don’t have to make your final decision in one consultation. The makeup artist and hair stylist will not be offended if you want to have more consultations so that you can get the exact look you wish for.

At the end of the day, it will bring more revenue in for them, and they can be confident that your ‘glam-over’ is exactly what you were hoping for on one of the most special days of your life.

Tip: Just bear in mind this can be costly, as consultations don’t come cheap. If you want to minimise costs, prepare an inspiration board of everything you like and ask for a slightly longer consultation so that you have more time to go through your ideas.

5/ Be honest

A professional can always tell when their customer is not happy. However, brides may not have expressed this due to feeling rude in saying they don’t like something.

Essentially, the hair and makeup artist will want your business and for you to not go elsewhere, so they will always accommodate you and try to achieve the look you really want.

You also need to be honest in your consultation. If you are a bride that naturally wears a lot of makeup, is insecure about your skin or have a very specific product you would like to be used, then say it!

Say, for example, you like a heavy eye look, you prefer a more full coverage foundation and would like a stronger brow, the makeup artist can implement this into your look.

Perhaps you are conscious of your ears, but want your hair up. The hair stylist will be able to adapt the hairstyle you have chosen, so that it covers your ears, but may have not done this originally if you had not made them aware of your insecurity.

The same goes for if you are not as into hair and makeup. Explain to the hair and makeup artist that you do not generally wear makeup, or style your hair, and if you do, it is only very subtle.

Be honest if you are worried about looking too over-done. If looking as close to your natural self is the look you want to go for, but just with some added glam, then the hair and makeup artist will want to know, so that they can make sure you leave the consultation happy and confident.

6/ Ask for product names

Your hair is more than likely going to stay in all day, but your makeup is another story.

Depending on the weather, on your skin type, on your makeup style, on the amount of dancing you expect to do and the normal length of a wedding, your makeup is going to be up against all odds to stay put throughout the day.

When you and your makeup artist decide on your final look, ask for the product names. You may then decide to head out into a store to pick up your own products, so that you can do touch ups throughout the day.

Your makeup artist will generally use products that provide longevity, but depending on your look, it may not be possible to use sweat-proof and slip-proof products at all times.

When going through the consultation, or at the end, ask your makeup artist to take you through step-by-step the products applied. You can also ask whether they think it may be likely you will need a top up, and even how to go about touching up your makeup yourself.

7/ Dedicate a bridesmaid, a guest or even a parent to look after your handbag

Your makeup should generally last you through your ceremony and up to the pictures. You may then want to freshen up with a top up of your lipstick when you arrive at your venue, before the speeches and wedding breakfast.

Depending on whether there were any tears or not, the adrenaline you feel (that can make you sweat!) and the weather, you may also find that your t-zone (forehead, nose and chin) has become a little shiny. Blotting papers are a great handbag friendly option if you suffer with oily skin, as they take away the shine in seconds without needing to use a powder!

You may then want to top up again after the wedding breakfast before the evening guests arrive, so that you are ready for your first dance (if you are having one) and then to party the night away with the rest of your guests, family and friends!

You need to remember when choosing your hair and makeup look for your wedding day that you will hopefully be looking at these images in years to come. Providing you stay true to yourself, and your own personal style, your look will be timeless and will bring you joy and happiness each time you look back at your wedding album.