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9 Things To Look Out For When Searching For Your Wedding Venue

Seaching for your venue

Here are 9 things to consider when searching for your wedding venue:

1/ Count your guests!

First things first, make sure your venue is big enough to accommodate all of the invited guests!

This might be an obvious tip, but the venue might look enormous when you view it, however when you consider everything else you need to fit inside it, you may find yourself not-so-pleasantly surprised!

Try to imagine all of the tables and chairs, maybe a DJ setup and a dance floor, as these will take up a lot of space and nobody wants to be crammed into a room for half a day.

2/ Lighting

Lighting is the next important aspect of the venue to consider, if you are considering the venue during the day then make sure there are a lot of windows in order to let light in - nobody wants to be in a dark room when the sun is shining outside.

If the venue is being used in the evening, make sure the room is not too dim or that the lighting can be controlled in order to keep the room appropriately lit for the different events, such as dinner and dancing.

Make sure you visit your venue at the time of day your wedding will be. This will give you the best idea of what the lighting will be like and you will be able to judge the room properly.

3/ Decorating

Make sure your venue is, or can be, decorated appropriately with the wedding colour palette, if one has been decided on.

If a theme or colour palette is really important to you, and you cannot tailor the room to your wedding, then this probably isn’t the venue for you. This is because it may detract from your overall look and leave you feeling disappointed.

Another aesthetics point you may want to consider is the colour of the curtains and carpets. It may seem trivial, but we can imagine that the green carpet and the red curtains wouldn’t bring out the best in your peach colour theme!

4/ Check for sockets!

When choosing the venue, have a look around the room to make sure that there are ample outlets in the room. You do not want to turn up on your wedding day to find that you cannot setup properly due to there not being enough plugs in the room.

This will cause unnecessary stress for everyone involved and may dampen the high spirits of the bride and groom.

5/ Think about the music

Good acoustics are the next thing that needs to be considered.

Now you have everything setup and plugged in you do not want an echoey room. Not only will this mean that the music will not be as good as intended but it may also mean that guests struggle to hear themselves talking to one another and may even struggle to hear the speeches.

Bear in mind that wooden and tiled floors will amplify sounds, whereas a thick carpet may muffle them.

6/ Does the venue provide a full service or not?

You will also need to find out if your venue is full service or not. Full service venues will offer everything from table and chair rentals through to the small details, such as linens.

A non-full service venue most of the time will just be offering you the space and will leave it up to you to sort everything else out and set it up how you want it.

7/ Parking

One last thing to consider is parking. Make sure there is enough space to park for everyone.

You do not want to stress your guests out by making them walk to the venue unless they know they will not be able to park. If you have found a venue that you love but there is not enough parking maybe you could arrange for a shuttle bus from the ceremony venue to the reception venue.

This will mean that guests will not have to worry about making their own way to the venue and will make the day run more smoothly.

8/ Accommodation

If you are having guests travelling from afar, you may want to choose a venue that has onsite accommodation.

This will be extremely useful for those guests, however, do not let this sway you from your perfect venue as they can easily find a nearby hotel and stay there.

9/ Always prepare questions!

When viewing a venue you must make sure you ask as many questions as possible.

A good idea would be to think of some questions at home and write a list of what you want to ask them. You don’t want to leave the wedding venue not knowing something or later down the line discover something that makes you not want to use this venue anymore. This could leave you in a sticky situation with both the current venue and finding a new venue to hold your wedding.

Some good questions you may want to ask are:

-        Who will be here helping on the day?

-        Do you have any construction or landscape changes before our wedding date?

-        How many weddings are held here in one day?

-        What time will my guests have to leave the facility?

-        Is there a service charge on top of the bill? If so, how much?

-        Do you allow alcohol and open flames?

-        What’s the corkage fee if we bring our own wine?

-        Are there restrictions for the photographer?

Weddings will be rememberd one way or another, so let's make sure it is the good things that are remembered!

Once you have considered all of these and you have found your perfect wedding venue, it’s time to move onto your next stage of planning!