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9 Things You Need To Consider When Booking Your Wedding Transport

Wedding Transport

Deciding on the right transport for your wedding can be tricky; after all, you want your means of transport to be special like the rest of the day. For a lot of couples, arriving in style is a top priority!

Whether you have set your heart on fairy tale transportation, like a horse and carriage or a vintage car, or you're more of a Harley Davidson kind of duo, then there’s a few things to consider before making your final decision.

1/ What is your budget?

The budget plays a big part in most weddings, so even though you may want to arrive in style, in reality this may not be viable.

You need to decide how high up on your priorities list your transport is and go from there. There are a lot of different companies and vehicles that can be used to get you to your wedding, ranging in lots of different prices.

Carry out research, read reviews and make sure that your ‘bargain’ deal isn’t with a ‘bargain’ company that may leave you stranded and having to be taken to the ceremony in your own vehicle!

2/ How far will you need to travel?

The distance from where you live to your wedding venue will have a huge impact on which type of transport options are available to you. If, for example, you live miles away from your venue, then a horse and carriage may not be a viable option.

More and more couples are deciding to arrive at their weddings together, which may be something you want to consider, and it will also reduce wedding costs by a lot!

3/ How long will you need the transport for?

If you require your driver to take you to just one venue then it will be far cheaper than having them wait around all day.

You need to know exactly what time period you will have the vehicle for just in case anything is delayed. The last thing you want to hear is that the driver is booked for another event and needs to leave.

4/ How many people need to be catered for?

Your choice of transport will be dependent on how many people it needs to cater for.

You may just be concerned with getting the bride, father of the bride and bridesmaids there. Or, if you want to transport the whole wedding party, you could arrange group transport for all guests.

This could come in the form of a traditional bus, fire engine or even limos. Sometimes the wedding car is able to make a second trip for bridesmaids if the venue is close. Lucky for the brides, the groom and groomsmen often settle for a taxi ride or driving themselves to the wedding to keep costs down.

5/ The weather 

Unfortunately, the weather will always have a bearing on the success of your day and it’s important that you take this into consideration when choosing transport.

If you go for an open-top vehicle, you will need to think what will happen if it’s raining or it's freezing cold. Hopefully your hire company will be prepared for these eventualities and be ready with an umbrella or blanket at worst. If you really don’t trust the weather where you live, then an open-top is perhaps best avoided to prevent unnecessary stress.

6/ Making the vehicle fit with your theme

You’ve agonised over the colour scheme and theme for your wedding; the last thing you want to do is ruin it with hastily chosen transport.

If you are planning on having photographs taken with your mode of transport, then will it fit with your overall theme? Consider the colour of the vehicle and how it may look against your dress. Also ask whether your hire company will be adding accessories, such as ribbons and if they can be customised to match your colour scheme.

7/ What will the driver look like?

Your driver should look the part too. Many have vast experience of weddings and know how to present themselves in a professional manner.

Find out what they will be wearing on the day and perhaps suggest them having a matching buttonhole to the rest of the wedding party. Most drivers will wear a suit, tie, chauffeur’s cap and gloves, but it can be known for some drivers to turn up dressed in jeans and T-shirt.

8/ Make sure they have a back-up plan!

Make sure the company you have booked have back-up plans in place for any unforeseen mishaps on the day.

If the wedding car breaks down, you need to be sure you’ll still be able to get there. You should be able to get all arrangements in writing to avoid any mix-ups on the day. Also check details, including whether champagne comes as part of the package. These little things can make a big difference.

9/ Research!

Don’t just book the first company you find.

By carrying out some research and gaining quotes from a range of companies, you will be able to figure out the average price charged, and also be able to find out which companies may include some free extras, or paid extras that you hadn’t considered. It will also mean you can ensure you are not over-spending.