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Have You Ever Considered Hiring A Toastmaster At Your Wedding?


Before now, it is possible you may not have heard of a toastmaster, or what they do.

Traditionally, a toastmaster’s role is to be responsible for proposing toasts, introducing speeches, and making any other formal announcement, such as introducing you into the wedding breakfast as the new Mr and Mrs, and announcing the cutting of the cake and the first dance.

However, the toastmaster’s roles have now become more varied, which ultimately lead to the smooth running of your day, to allow you to remain stress free and relax with your friends, family. And, of course your new husband or wife.

Before your wedding day, a toastmaster will be able to discuss your day with you and help you set a schedule of events for the day. They will also help you to stick to your schedule on the day - a great option for the disorganised! You may not think you’ll need a schedule and you don’t want to be too regimented, but when the evening guests are arriving and you’re in the middle of speeches, you’ll probably start to wish you had some sort of schedule. Even if it is a loose schedule.

Services can also involve liaising with your suppliers to ensure all is OK and arriving at the venue early to ensure that everything is setup as you want it to be.

On the day of your wedding, toastmasters will be happy to help with most roles to ensure everything goes smoothly. This includes helping to tie cravats to helping get together and organise groups for the photographer. They will also help organise your receiving line, and escort yourself and your guests to their seats.

In essence, your toastmaster could become your own ‘on the day’ wedding planner and organiser.

If you hadn’t thought of having a toastmaster, you should definitely consider it. They are professionally trained and add formality to your big day.

If you like the idea of having a toastmaster, but are not keen on the idea of paying for a professional to do the job, have a think about asking one of your close friends or family members to assume the role. You will want somebody who is confident, organised, able to project their voice but also bring an element of fun.

Perhaps you have a family member or close friend that you want to involve more in the wedding but hadn’t got a spare role in mind? This could be your option!