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Hiring A Wedding Planner? It’s Not Just For The Rich And Famous!

Hiring A Wedding Planner

As you’ve probably now realised, planning a wedding is a lot to take on. The larger details, such as the venue and dress, down to the small intricate things like favours and table decorations all need to be designed, arranged, and then followed up throughout the planning process. This can be daunting for brides and grooms, especially with the busy lives that we all tend to lead and the amount of time that is needed to dedicate to planning a wedding.

It is a common misconception that wedding planners are only for brides and grooms who have a budget that most of us can only dream of having, but they are actually available to most and a lot more accessible than in days gone by. Most modern day bride and grooms who have used a wedding planner are glad to have used their services.

How much can they help me with?

Wedding planners can assist you as much or as little as you need them to and you will find that they offer a valuable insight into the best suppliers to use. They also have some great ideas to give your wedding day the ‘wow’ factor and have excellent tips on spending your budget wisely to get the most out of it.

It's all about the contacts!

Most wedding planners will have spent years building their list of reputable suppliers, and as they use these suppliers regularly you’ll often find the supplier can offer a discount which can be passed onto you. This will save you money in the long run. Your wedding planner will also act as a liaison between you and your suppliers, pulling them altogether to pull off an amazing wedding day for you, much like an interior designer would do, or in fact any project manager!

Will I still get to be involved?

By hiring a wedding planner, you can still be involved as much as you want to be. You’ll normally pass your ideas over to the wedding planner, so that they can bring them to life, but if you’re stuck for ideas they can help you too.

Not just a planner, but an organiser too!

One of the most crucial roles of a wedding planner is to be there on the day to take control of the organisation, to ensure everything runs smoothly. This includes the setup of the venue to ensure everything is as you want it, leaving you to get ready, stress free (we hope!)

Get researching!

If you think the services of a wedding planner might be useful to you, you should get into contact with a few to see what they can offer, and how they would best fit into your preparations.


When searching for a wedding planner you should setup consultations with the wedding planners who seem like they fit your criteria. 

A consultation will help you get a feel for the person and gives you the opportunity to see whether they see your vision or not. They should be asking lots of questions to get a good idea as to what your vision is, and should hopefully give ideas to better what you have already thought of.

Check methods of payment

Within your consultation, you should also discuss pricing. Do they have a set fee, charge by the hour, or charge a percentage of your budget? Do they take the discounts from suppliers as commission, or is this discount passed on to you?

Don't be afraid to use your planner! It is what you're paying for afterall..

If you do decide to book a wedding planner, make sure you keep in regular contact with them and update them of any changes. You can also use them as your first port of call for any wedding related questions you may have.

Have you used a wedding planner or have you considered using a wedding planner?

If so we would love to hear your thoughts and any recommendations you may have!