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How To Choose A Colour And Theme For Your Wedding

Choosing A Theme

What comes first – colours or the theme?

This article will give you an overview to some popular wedding themes and wedding colours. Although the list of themes and colour combinations are endless it should still give you some ideas for your wedding.

It is often asked, ‘what comes first – colours or the theme?’. Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to this question as both can influence each other. Some themes are born from colours and colours can be born from themes.

You may have known which wedding theme you wanted ever since you were a little girl playing pretend weddings with your dolls, or you may not have clue where to start. The thing is it really doesn’t matter because themes are not compulsory. Colours, on the other hand, are.

Wedding Colours

The colour scheme sets the scene for the wedding and is often a reflection of the happy couple's personalities. This is evident from the flowers to the table centrepieces. As mentioned above, the colour scheme can inspire a theme. For instance, if you’re looking for a theme and you know you’re definitely having a pale pink and cream as your colour scheme, you may want to think about a vintage theme.

Most brides know their colour scheme even if they’re not certain on the exact shade(s) yet.

Here are examples of some colour schemes for weddings:

  • Green and Pink

  • Navy and Silver

  • Orange and Green

  • Lilac

  • White

  • Orange and Brown

  • Cream

  • A vibrant colour and White for a clean look

  • Light Pink and Brown

  • Purple and Blue

  • Lavender and Pink

  • Green and Cream

  • Purple and Orange

  • Light Pink and Bright Pink

  • Orange and Bright Pink

  • Yellow and Orange

  • Green and Brown

  • Red and Orange

  • Blue and White

  • Black and White

  • Brown, Green and Orange

  • Cranberry and Pink

And, of course, you can also have any of these colours on their own.

Once you start thinking about your colour scheme you can really start to imagine what your wedding could be like and what you want it to look like. The colours of your wedding will be evident from the bridesmaids’ dresses to the detail on your invitations, so it’s important you spend time discussing it with your husband-to-be. A colour scheme can really inspire a theme and although it is not essential you may consider a theme for your wedding.

Wedding Themes

Even if you’re adamant that you don’t want a theme for your wedding, don’t switch off just yet as this section may give you some other wedding ideas.

Let’s start with some common myths about wedding themes. Of course, you don’t need a wedding theme but don’t rule it out because you think you need a large budget, a lot of time or to make a big statement.

Themes can be as extravagant or as subtle as you like. If you prefer something subtle, you may consider something like a bow theme where you could use small bows on things like your invitations and wedding cake. Equally, you don’t need an extravagant budget or a lot of time to successfully pull off a theme. Depending on which theme you choose, you may be able to reuse household items such as jam jars for flower pots and glass bottles for lanterns. This is easy to do and doesn’t require the work of a wedding planner.

If you are currently thinking of a theme for your wedding it’s worth remembering that a theme is not always based solely on colour – your partner may be an avid Manchester United fan, then again, we won’t go there!

A better example is a Disney theme which is more about the characters with the colours following. Your venue may also play a part in your theme decision since you probably won’t want to have an Ibiza wedding theme if you’re planning on having a dark castle as your venue.

Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference. You’ll find some wedding themes below, which you should find useful if you’re still really stuck for a theme or haven’t understood what we’ve been talking about!


  • Colours: Soft, pastel shades.
  • Top Tip: You can really go to town with this theme with a vintage wedding dress. You could also use a vintage suitcase for your wedding gifts.


  • Colours: Natural and earthy shades.
  • Top Tip: Use old, brown paper to for your invitations with a hand-written font effect


  • Colours: Different shades of blues, white and sandy shades.
  • Top Tip: Have the ceremony on a beach. Have fish ‘n’ chips stand for the evening reception catering.


  • Colours: Bright colours, such as red, but depends on the characters you use.
  • Top Tip: Have a Disney designed wedding cake and Disney music playing in the background.


  • Colours: Orange and browns.
  • Top Tip: Add artificial leaves to your wedding cake and invitations. You can also make leaf shaped cookies or chocolate for wedding favours.


  • Colours: Red, yellow, blue and white.
  • Top Tip: Your wedding invitations could be designed to look like a ticket to a circus. If you have a marquee as a venue you could design the inside and outside to look like a circus tent.


  • Colours: Bright colours.
  • Top Tip: Have the ceremony and/or the reception outside on a field. Use wooden directional signs painted different colours, like at a festival, to label where everything at your wedding is. Use old chairs and furniture, or even logs, for your guests to sit on.

Shabby Chic

  • Colours: Soft, pastel shades.
  • Top Tip: Use glass bottles as vases for your flowers or as lantern holders. Chalkboards are a good idea and can be used for your table plan.

Love Hearts

  • Colours: Red and pink shades
  • Top Tip: Have a sweet stand stocked with Love Hearts for your evening reception.


  • Colours: Bold colours, such as black and white.
  • Top Tip: Vinyl style wedding invitations. You could also produce a simple music quiz before and during the wedding breakfast. Guests could compete on tables and fill out their answers on paper which you provide.


  • Colours: Red and gold.
  • Top Tip: Use Chinese lanterns for your wedding breakfast and reception. These lanterns will give you light and will not use a lot of energy.