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The Ultimate Guide To Finding Your Perfect Wedding Guest Book


What is a guest book?

The guest book provides an additional way for you and your now husband or bride, to capture special moments of your day from your guests' perspective. A guest book is a beautiful way for you to be able to reflect back on your wedding day in years to come, in a different form than your official photographs and videos.

There are many different ways in which you could have your guest book. The most traditional way is to have as the name suggests, a book. This book will have blank pages for all of your guests to write their well wishes for you.

Having a guest book is also a great idea for many reasons. One, because it gives your guests an opportunity to write something either anonymously, or not anonymously, about you as a couple. Words are often left about the day that they have shared with you and even happy memories from the past.

Not only does a guest book allow you to read what we would hope to be beautiful messages from your family and friends, but a guest book also stars as a hilarious opportunity for your ‘highly intoxicated’ guests to write you messages that you will be sure to get a laugh out of for many years to come!

However, there are many other different forms a guest book could take:

1/ You could get a big piece of cardboard and attach it to the wall by the entrance to the venue. People could then sign this, which will allow not only other people to read what people have written about you but also when you go to look at them, they will all be in one place and make for easy reading when you come to it. However, this could be a less safe way to keep your notes as they could get easily damaged if not put in a secure place out of the way of any risk.

2/ Another way is to put a piece of paper or decorated card at everyone’s seat and ask them to write something and put it in a box afterwards. This will encourage short, simple messages and will help to remember the day as best you can. Additionally, because they are in a box they will also be relatively safe from any damage.

3/ You could also get a photo booth. This can make for an excellent guest book as people will have their photos taken and then write on them. This will mean you can see what your guests looked like at your wedding, as well as see what they wrote.

This is a great option, as when you are looking back at your photos in the future, you will have a more vivid and authentic memory of the day. These photos could be pegged to a washing line during the wedding for all to see (and laugh at!).

4/ Signing a photo album also works very well, if you fill a paper page album with photos from your engagement, courtship or from both of your childhoods – and have your guests sign the pages around the photos.  Photo books can work well with this as well – just select the right pen (gel pens are great on glossy paper!!!!) and make sure the photo layouts include lots of open space and you will have a book full of memories. This will also work well with Polaroid photos! 

5/ You could also have your guests write messages on objects for you. This will be something that will make a good ornament or maybe to be used at future anniversaries. Here are some of our favourite ideas: Jenga blocks, unopened wine bottles, instruments, petals of paper flowers, plates or pebbles.

6/Another popular idea is to have guests write their messages on a piece of paper and put them into envelopes. They can then put them in a post box that you provide, which will make the whole experience for both your guests and you more enjoyable.

It is also a great way of getting the children involved at your wedding. Assign the children a task of collecting everyone’s memories and popping them into the post box. It will keep the children entertained and ensure you receive as many memories as possible. 

7/ Sticking with the envelope theme, you could stick lots of envelopes to the wall and ask guests to place their messages into an envelope once written.

There are many other ways in which a guest book can be made and ultimately it is up to you. Use your imagination, or use sites like Pinterest to get additional ideas. You could even have multiple guest books if you can’t decide on one! You can never have too many memories to look back on after-all.