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Top Tips For Choosing Your Dream Wedding Cake

Wedding Cakes

Unless you already have a firm idea of the kind of cake you’d like, there will need to be time to look around at options, as well as booking the cake creator, allocating the funds, and finding any special decorative elements.

So be sure to give yourself plenty of planning time. Be aware that cake makers who are in high demand can be booked out during the high summer season, so don’t leave your booking too late if you are planning on marrying at this time.

While your wedding theme may suggest the type of cake you want, this won’t always be evident and may need a bit more consideration than first thought. We suggest using difference sources to find cakes you like, these sources can be:

-         Wedding magazines

-         Online Galleries and Social Media, such as Pinterest

-         Wedding Cake Stores

-         Look at old family photos (this is particularly nice if you want to continue a tradition)

There are seven main types of wedding cake:

1/ Tiered fruitcake with marzipan:

This is the standard type of wedding cake that has a long history behind it and is said to be modelled on London’s Bride’s Church. This cake is rich and not everyone likes the taste or the formality of this kind of cake, so don’t feel that you have to have a tier of fruitcake if this flavour is not your personal choice!

2/ Cupcake wedding cake: 

This kind of cake has gained a lot of followers in recent years. It’s a tower of cupcakes that are usually in different flavours. The frosting can include many different types of symbols, initials, flowers, fruits, etc, as preferred.

While many bakers are happy to make this kind of cupcake, this style is also great for a wedding reception planned for home as the cupcakes can be made easily in advance and frosted by generous family members, just prior to the wedding. Or, buy them in bulk pre-frosted, and add a few finishing touches! The tiered stand is widely sold as a “cupcake tree”.

3/ Croquembouche:

This is a traditional French cake and is formed by a high cone of profiteroles with a cascade of toffee (to which can be added: sugared/candied almonds, chocolate, flowers, ribbons, etc).

This cake can usually serve around 30–40, so if you have more guests, consider several Croquembouche. As a form of dessert, Croquembouche takes care of the dessert menu, which can be an excellent solution for a smaller budget. As a delicate cake, you need to be assured of careful delivery.

4/ Chocolate cake:

Also traditional in France, the chocolate cake has had an avid following at weddings for quite a while now, and the French wedding cake is lavishly decorated with a lace style. The relevant baker would be a French patisserie.

5/ Cheese cake:

For the bride and groom who don’t much like cake, a cheese cake is an option. This isn’t a cheesecake; it’s a layer of cheeses!

One large cheese disk is on the base, with smaller cheese layers working their way to the top. Flowers and other decorations are added to the cheese layers. This can work out to be much cheaper than a traditional wedding cake but still lets you have the “layers”.

6/ Theme cake:

Cakes from Star Wars, Star Trek, and other sci-fi flicks are not unusual, as are cakes from beloved themes, such as Hello Kitty, Disney, and anything that takes the fancy of the bride and groom. This sort of cake will come naturally if both of you are huge fans of something.

7/ Cookies:

A “cookie table” assortment, often carefully arranged, is a Pittsburgh-area tradition. It could accompany a simpler cake, and many people can contribute without needing to coordinate efforts much in advance.

You will need to decide how big your cake needs to be. If you have a small number of guests attending then you will be able to cut the wedding cake and dish it out. However, if you have lots of guests attending your wedding then you may need to make some extra cakes on top of the main wedding cake so everybody at the wedding gets a piece of cake. This will obviously cost more, however it is best to accommodate cake for everyone!

The next big thing to worry about is your budget. Once you have worked out how much you are willing to spend on the cake, it is advisable to make a list of all the cake makers that you can afford and go around all of them to find the best one to your taste. They will all have pros and cons and it is up to you to choose the caker maker that is right for you.

Some couples decide to make their own cakes. This is a brave decision, however, if you do decide to, then practise makes perfect. The more you practise, the less chance of disappointment with the finished product. Plus, that means more cake for you!

If you are looking to make the cake yourself, a very popular idea at the moment are ‘naked cakes’. These are a great option for DIY cakes, as it requires minimal effort but looks beautiful.

Essentially, you create the sponge, add your icing to the middle allowing it to drip naturally around the edges and dust some icing over your top layer.

Add artificial flowers and berries for decoration and that is simply it. Maybe if you have a colour theme, you could include this within your decorations and add in smaller versions of your bouquet, or take inspiration from whichever flower season you are in.