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Top Tips for Making a Hen or Stag Event One to Remember

Cocktail Making

Organised mayhem by the best man and maid of honour, that will be remembered for years to come… pressure!

When arranging a hen or stag night, the first thing you will need to get hold of is a guest list. This can only really be done with the help of the bride or groom; after all there is nothing worse than missing important people off the list!

Once you have obtained a guest list, it is all about location, location, location. You will need to decide what kind of activities your bride or groom would enjoy. Whether it's clay pigeon shooting in the middle of nowhere, or a relaxing spa day before hitting the nightclubs, it can all be arranged. You need to pick something they would enjoy, NOT what you would enjoy because at the end of the day, this is THEIR last night of freedom!

Make sure that when organising the night you ask for help, do not do it alone. This help can be from other guests of the night who you could work together with in order to make the best night possible. Alternatively, it can be with the bride or grooms respectively, as nobody knows what they would like to do and what they wouldn’t like to do, better than themselves.

Costs and dates are the next steps. Make sure that the date chosen can accommodate all of the invited guests. If this is not possible, then it must include all of the key guests. As for the cost, there is a fine balance between spending a small amount so people can afford it and spending too little so that the night doesn’t live up to the high expectations that will be set for it. Make sure you set a budget and stick to it. The budget should be set so everyone attending can comfortably pay for it, as you want to avoid people not being able to attend due to not having the money to pay for it.

Do not be nervous about meeting everyone if you have not met them before, you are all there for the same reason - to make the hen or stag have a brilliant night! The last thing they want to see happening is people in their party not talking to each other. This night is all about the bride or groom, so make sure you make the effort to get the group together!

Here are some examples of what could be done at stag and hen nights:

Stag nights (Day activities):

Quad Biking

  • Go-karting
  • Paintballing
  • Bar crawl
  • Clay pigeon shooting
  • Quad-biking
  • Golf
  • Human table football

Stag nights (Night activities):

Beer Bike

  • Nightclubs
  • Comedy club
  • Night at the dogs
  • Guided bar and pub crawl

Hen nights (Day activities):

White Water Rafting

  • Spa Day
  • White water rafting
  • Theme parks
  • Pole dancing or Burlesque class
  • Cocktail making
  • Pub crawls
  • Acrobat class

Hen nights (Night activities):

Roof Top Bars

  • Nightclubs
  • Roof top bars
  • River boat party
  • Theatre
  • Pub crawls
  • Karaoke

Once everything has been sorted, it is then up to you, and the rest of the guests in the party, to make it a great night for the hen or stag! Don’t let them down. The pressure is on.